Community Health Assessments

The time is now to participate in the Community Health Needs Assessment. The survey is confidential and provides you the opportunity to share your thoughts on the health of our community. This survey serves as our launching point for working toward improving health care delivery in our community.

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Community Health  Needs Assessment Process
CHI St. Alexius Health locations perform Community Health Needs Assessments every three years. The assessments help identify specific health needs of our communities and brings to light concerns that impact a community’s overall wellness and ability to flourish. Participation in the assessment is voluntary and is publicly advertised. Community members and health care professionals provide feedback through face-to-face interviews, third party data questionnaires and a published survey open to the public.

Our leadership teams develop strategic plans for factors that can be affected through CHI St. Alexius and its resources, and our hospitals will partner with other community groups, leadership, and community members to address the community’s needs with shared resources and expertise.

Together, we can ensure health remains a pillar of our strong community!