Bismarck Foundation

Scholarship Opportunities

Each year CHI St. Alexius Health Bismarck Foundation provides scholarships to students and/or associates pursing a degree in healthcare in our region. You can donate to a scholarship fund to help students in the region advance their healthcare skills or you can apply for a scholarship.

To donate:

Please call 701-530-7065 or mail a check to:
CHI St. Alexius Health Bismarck Foundation
PO Box 5510
Bismarck, ND 58506

Gay Wallentine Memorial Scholarship - $1,500

The Gay Wallentine Memorial Scholarship was established May 18, 1990, to provide financial assistance to eligible nursing students. It was set up in memory of Gay Wallentine, former director of Critical Care Services at CHI St. Alexius Health Bismarck who died suddenly in February of 1990. Preference is given to nursing students pursuing a BSN or MSN who are residents of North Dakota and interested in working at CHI St. Alexius Health Bismarck.

Brita Eriksen Memorial Scholarship - $1,500

The Brita Eriksen Memorial Scholarship was established by Dr. Johan Eriksen in memory of his wife, Brita. The scholarship is for students attending health education programs conducted by or associated with CHI St. Alexius Health. It’s also offered to a CHI St. Alexius Health associate who is paying for their continuing education while employed at CHI St. Alexius Health Bismarck. Such programs may include radiology, medical technology, anesthesiology and respiratory therapy.