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Within My Reach Women's Workshop Series

Thursday, May 17, 2018 - 5:30pm to 8:30pm
Bismarck, ND
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Within My Reach is a relationship skills and decision making program for individuals seeking more enriching relationships with the people that matter in their lives.  This fun, flexible, and interactive workshop series is for women who are single or in relationships.  Meals are provided.

Space is limited to 20!  Register for the series by clicking here:
  • Thursday, April 19:  The State of Relationships Today - Healthy Relationships - Sliding versus Deciding
  • Thursday, April 26:  Smart Love - Knowing Yourself First - Making Your Own Decisions
  • Thursday, May 3:  Dangerous Patters in Relationships - Where Conflict Begins - Smart Communication
  • Thursday, May 10:  The Speaker Listener Technique - Infidelity, Distrust, Forgiveness - Commitment: Why It Matters
  • Thursday, May 17:  Stepfamilies and the Significance of Fathers - Making the Tough Decisions - Reaching Into Your Future

      CHI St. Alexius Health Technology and Education Center
      1310 E. Main Avenue, Bismarck

For more information, contact Veronica Zeitz at 530-4973, or

Participants are encouraged to attend each of the five sessions.  Those attending this series are eligible for a $15/unit completion stipend; for participants that attend all sessions, that equates to $225.  Stipends are provided to encourage participation in WMR workshops by eliminating barriers like child care and transportation expense.  Stipends are only available for those who haven't previously attended WMR workshops.  Stipend request forms that are received by Monday at 5:00 pm will typically be processed and mailed by Friday.  If you receive income-based services, check with your agency to determine if a stipend would impact eligibility.