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Prepare For Childbirth

The Birth Place at CHI St. Alexius Health in Bismarck is dedicated to helping you prepare for the delivery experience as well as providing state-of-the-art care for you and your newborn when the big day arrives. Our physicians and nurses work closely with the OB/GYN’s at Mid Dakota Clinic. With their expertise, you and your baby are offered the very best care.

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Prenatal Classes
Prenatal classes such as Childbirth Preparation and Breastfeeding Basics get you off to a good start. The Childbirth Preparation class teaches you about the different phases of labor; breathing, relaxation and massage techniques designed to help you through each phase; medications that can be used during labor and how to care for yourself and your new baby after delivery. The breastfeeding class is for you and your support person to learn more about breastfeeding and its benefits for you and your baby.

Childbirth Preparation
Childbirth Preparation classes are offered to help prepare expecting mothers and their support person for the birthing process. These classes not only focus on breathing techniques, but all areas of birthing. Subjects covered through the course include:

  • Breathing techniques
  • Labor phases and medication
  • Massage
  • New born and postpartum care
  • Pushing techniques
  • Relaxation

Expectant parents should take the classes eight weeks prior to due date. Classes fill quickly and pre-registration is required. Please register between the fourth and sixth month of pregnancy.

For more information or to register, call the Education Center at 701.530.7700.

Breastfeeding Basics
The Breastfeeding Basics class is an opportunity for parents to learn more about breastfeeding to help them make informed decisions about feeding their baby. Topics include benefits of breastfeeding, getting started, tips for success, questions and solutions, working while breastfeeding, and resources for ongoing support. The class is taught by Certified Lactation Counselors.

For more information call 701.530.4270.

Well Baby Clinic
After the birth of your baby, The Birth Place hosts a Well Baby Clinic and is staffed by nurses from The Birth Place and a certified lactation counselor. Nurses are available to weigh and measure your baby, discuss feedings and answer questions you may have. The lactation counselor is specially trained to offer breastfeeding consultations, support and advice. No appointment is needed and there is no charge for the clinic visit.

Baby & Me - Tobacco Free Program
This program is designed to help pregnant women quit using tobacco. Women are given vouchers for free diapers for up to one year after their baby is born – as long as they remain tobacco-free.

For questions or more information, call 701.530.8527.

Kelsie De Jesus

“The Baby & Me program has made me aware of how important it was to not smoke while growing my little boy. The facilitator’s honesty and willingness to be there whenever I felt I needed support was very helpful. The diaper vouchers motivated me to not smoke and I saved the extra money I had for a family trip. The hardest part of quitting and staying quit is the stress of life and finding new ways to deal with it. I now go on more walks, cuddle my baby, and clean to help cope with stress. The most positive part is knowing my son does not have to be around the smell of smoke.” - Kelsie from Bismarck, ND


Sarah Franklin
“The Baby & Me Tobacco Free Program has helped me to cut out tobacco for good! The support and encouragement has been so nice and I know that my daughter, Thea, will not be exposed to second-hand smoke. It is important to me that she stays healthy and away from smoke. My husband is my support person and has kept me on track and reminds me that my daughter will be disappointed if I smoke just one cigarette, and that is all I need to hear. I feel healthier and cough less. We use the extra money for date nights.” - Sarah from Bismarck, ND


Kayla Kutzler


“After 14 years and many attempts to stop smoking, I was able to stop for the health of me and my daughter Jeweliana. The facilitators of the Baby & Me program were very encouraging and I liked the diaper voucher incentive. I am able to purchase more things for Jeweliana.” - Kayla from Bismarck, ND

Alexis Wilson


“I was using tobacco for about 8 years and attempted to quit a couple of times. I learned about the program from my cousin, who had a baby before I did and went through the program. I learned about things I was unaware of, like 3rd hand smoke and how many chemicals in in tobacco smoke. The monthly meetings and diaper vouchers helped me stay motivated. Seeing other people smoke is still hard but having someone to support my efforts has been reassuring and encouraging. I do more walking with Khara since it is easier to breathe and we have more money to spend on things like toys.” - Alexis from Bismarck, ND

Celia Schoepp

“I had been smoking off and on for about 15 years. I was introduced to the program through Healthy Beginnings at the Women’s Clinic when I was going for my pregnancy doctor visits. I was homeless, barely working, and didn’t have anything for the baby. The fact that I could get diaper vouchers for my daughter just for stopping smoking was the greatest thing. This program has helped me with ideas and knowledge about quitting smoking with baby that has opened my eyes. The good and bad knowledge has been helpful and the ideas of what to do instead of smoking has been even more helpful. The quit kits helped me in quitting and staying quit.

Quitting was stressful and hard for me trying to get my life back together and rebuilding from nothing. The best part is that I know I am there for my daughter and her health, as well as mine. I don’t have to leave my daughter to go smoke and I am saving money now. I don’t worry as much and it has been such a blessing and relief and I’m truly a lot happier.” - Celia from Bismarck, ND


Tori Johnson


“I joined the Baby & Me program in August of 2016, after using tobacco for about eight years. WIC told me about the program and I wanted to join for the health of Oliver and to receive gift cards toward diapers and wipes. My son is my inspiration of quitting and staying quit. I feel healthier and can breathe easier, even food tastes better. I can actually run now and I was able to buy my son more toys since I had the gift cards to help with diapers and wipes.” - Tori from Bismarck, ND

Halee Bjugstad


“Dr. Wisdom told me about the Baby & Me program. I used tobacco for 13 years and tried quitting three different times. The program helped me through what I was going through and the gum helped with the anxiety from not smoking. The facilitators were there to talk to and never judged me, instead helped me be tobacco free. The most positive part of quitting is to prove to myself that I could do it and to show my daughter, when she grows up, what I did for her.” - Halee from Bismarck, ND


"I received a lot of encouragement from the Baby & Me counselors. I really enjoyed the monthly updates about my baby’s development. In addition, the program kept me motivated by helping pay for diapers every month and knowing how much money I have saved so far by not smoking cigarettes." - Lindsey from Minot, ND


“I had tried to quit smoking five times in the past 20 years, and Alison at CHI St. Alexius Health was my champion and support system. She provided the education and resources to help me stay quit around my triggers. The most helpful part of the program for me is the accountability, and the free diapers are a tremendous incentive. Now I feel more productive, more present and more active. My family’s health and wellness keeps me motivated to stay quit.” - Michelle from Mandan, ND


“The lactation consultant at MidDakota Clinic introduced me to the BABY & ME program. The BABY & ME facilitator’s schedule was flexible so I could meet with her, and she motivated me to stay quit by explaining all the positives about quitting as well as finding other ways to relax, especially in stressful situations.

Now after 11 years of smoking and six quit attempts, I am a non-smoker. I can breathe more easily and don’t get sick so often. I know I’m doing the best for my child and his health – and of course mine too. The diaper vouchers were a big financial help, and I use the money I saved from not smoking toward food.” - Lacey from Killdeer, ND


Labor and Delivery is a secure unit designed with your comfort and privacy in mind. Each birthing suite is spacious enough so your entire family may share in the joy and excitement of welcoming your new baby. You will receive one-on-one care from a highly skilled nurse prepared to handle your birthing experience with care and compassion.

Friends and family are welcome to visit you and meet the new addition to your family. While Brahm's Lullaby plays overhead announcing that a new baby has arrived, you and your family are escorted to your spacious family-centered room on the Maternity/Women’s unit. If you need some well-deserved sleep or time to shower, compassionate and skilled nurses watch over newborns in the twenty-four hour nursery. Free Wi-Fi internet access, open visitation for family members and room service is available to women who have their baby at the medical center. Each room is individually locked to protect you and your baby throughout your stay.

Family and friends can share in your excitement by visiting our online nursery. Birth Place Babies is an online photo album in which you as the parent may wish to have a picture and the birth announcement of your newborn posted for others to see.

Before taking the baby home, a postpartum nurse ensures the mother and family have received sufficient instruction on caring for the baby and the mother so everyone feels confident. With anxiety and depression affecting up to one in five women during pregnancy or the first-year postpartum, psychologists meet with new mother’s to make sure they are mentally healthy as well. View more information on Pregnancy and Postpartum Mood and Anxiety.

A Well Baby Clinic is offered each week and is free for newborns and infants born at CHI St. Alexius Health. Maternity nurses record babies’ weight and length, provide basic health evaluations and answer any questions. Certified lactation counselors are also available.

While every family hopes and dreams of a healthy pregnancy, labor and delivery, sometimes things take an unexpected turn. Take comfort in knowing that The Birth Place has a Level III NICU providing the area's most advanced neonatal care. An expert team of neonatologists, nurses, specialists and the region's only full-time pediatric cardiologist work together to provide your baby the specialized care he or she needs.

CHI St. Alexius Health is committed to caring for patients during life's most fragile moments through its Level III NICU. Staffed by neonatal nurses, therapists, neonatologists, a pediatric neurologist and visiting pediatric cardiologists; the care team is educated, skilled and ready to handle critical newborn situations. Learn more about our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.