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SIM-ND Nomination

CHI St. Alexius Health was nominated for the 2017 Governor’s Awards for Excellence in Public Service for SIM-ND. SIM-ND was founded in 2012 and is a statewide program to provide healthcare simulation for all ND medical providers.

Four mobile learning labs that are fully-equipped with high-fidelity human simulators and staffed to provide medical simulation education free-of-charge to North Dakota critical care hospitals and emergency services providers. This up-to-date, on-site healthcare education allows employees and volunteers to receive training locally without leaving their jobs or having to travel long distances. An educational curriculum was developed to teach the concepts of simulation education through the use of high-fidelity simulators.

Tricia Becker, RN, BSN, SIM-ND Coordinator/Educator at CHI St. Alexius Health stated, “We utilize SIM-ND to provide education internally to our nurses and physicians in various units. One example is we have started using it on our Labor and Delivery unit to do a high risk scenario so that nurses and physicians can collaborate as a team. By doing these simulations we hope that it will help individuals feel more comfortable and recognize the signs and symptoms so that they are better prepared for when these situations occur in real life.”

SIM-NDSIM-ND’s education curriculum focuses on education rural and frontier healthcare providers. Simulation scenarios are developed based on high-mortality, low frequency medical emergencies. Increased interest and participation has caused tremendous growth in the number of simulation learners and events. Currently, SIM-ND Team consists of 56 educators, four simulation vehicles, 16 simulators and modern medical equipment.