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Local physicians talk about military service

CHI St. Alexius Health ER Physicians

Veterans weren't just on the front lines of battle, but also medicine. Three ER Physicians at CHI St. Alexius served overseas, and with the help of another doctor, came home to serve Bismarck.

"I deployed to Iraq in October of 2003. I was full time active duty Army at that time. I was an infantry as an E5 Sergeant,” said Dr. Steve Inglish, CHI St. Alexius.

"I worked as a radio operator when I was there was my main job. Maintaining radio support and making sure we could communicate,” said Dr. Abe Storms, CHI St. Alexius.

"After Medical School, I went into the army and went to Fort Lewis in Washington where I trained in Emergency Medicine at Madigan Army Medical Center,” said Dr. Jon Solberg, CHI St. Alexius.

All three doctors are veterans that served overseas. And so did their mentor. "I joined the Marine Corp at 17. I did 4 years there and the day I left the Marine Corp I joined the Army National Guard,” said Dr. Gordy Leingang, who has served in the Marine Corp and National Guard, Mid Dakota Clinic. Doctors Inglish, Storms and Solberg all said Dr. Leingang helped get them into medicine, something he is proud of.

"They are so self-deprecating if you really knew what incredible physicians and what incredible human beings they are, you would understand why I'm so proud of them,” said Dr. Leingang. The connection they have is deeper than just medicine. "We go through bad days together and we go through good days together and you really build up that bond,” said Dr. Inglish.

"To come in and work with these other guys and to know that they've got your back and you have that brother hood in common, it's really fun to come in and work with them,” said Dr. Solberg.

It's service. Dr. Leingang also said that after 43 years of service, he is thinking of retiring, but did not say when that would happen.

Andrew Horn Reporting