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Local Hospitals Still Dealing with IV Bag Shortages

IV Bag Shortages

Hospitals across the state and country are still dealing with shortages of IV bags after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico.

CHI St. Alexius Health in Bismarck has to hold weekly meetings to make sure they're able to maintain their supply of saline. We spoke with their pharmacy operations manager, who says they've taken steps, like administering medicine directly, instead of through saline, in order to conserve.

In December, the hospital's drug manufacturer reduced their order cap amounts for saline by 40 percent. CHI has even had to request IV bags from the state medical supply cache.

Kristy Vadnais; Pharmacy Operations Manager: "Probably the middle of December, we didn't receive any of our large volumes. So on a Wednesday, even though we placed our order on Tuesday, we didn't get any bags in. That would be a crisis mode for us. We only have a 2 week supply. We did receive drug from the state cache."

Malique Rankin, Reporting