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Krech Wins at Bismarck's Night for the Stars

Krech Boat

Evan Krech was the winner of the brand new Alumacraft Classic 165 Sport Fishing Boat at CHI St. Alexius Health’s Night for the Stars on April 7, 2018, and we believe he had an angel with him that night.

What did winning the boat mean to you?
“My family and I have talked about trading in our pontoon since spring of 2015. However, life plans got put on hold when my mom was diagnosed with ALS, and other plans took precedence. After her passing this February, my dad spent some time in Bismarck and we started looking at boats again. The day before CHI St. Alexius Health’s Night for the Stars, we found a boat that we were interested in. Instead, I told my dad that I was going to buy some raffle tickets for the boat to support the event and give back to the hospital for the great care my family received from all the providers we have met along our journey. Winning the boat meant a lot to my dad, sister, and I as we believe mom had her hand in helping pick the winning number! We look forward to spending many long summer nights under the stars watching the dancing northern lights.”

What was your reaction?
“My immediate reaction was shock. After they called the last number I looked at my keychain and stood there until my friend and coworker, who was standing next to me, tapped my shoulder and said ‘Evan, that’s you…you just won the boat!’ I wasn’t sure if my next reaction was to throw my hands in the air and scream, or cry tears of joy. I was still shocked as I thought about winning the boat the next day! Actually one of my friends texted me the next day and said, ‘I still can’t believe it, so amazingly awesome.’ Looking back, it was pretty awesome and I am very excited for summer to arrive so we can use the boat.”

How did you get involved with the event?
“Originally, I had asked my dad, who is a branch manager at Starion Bank, if he knew anything about CHI St. Alexius Health’s Night for the Stars since Starion Bank was a sponsor. Back in the beginning of February, I had asked my parents if they had any interest in joining me at the Foundation’s fundraiser, where I would volunteer with hospital coworkers that evening. However, plans changed and I was asked to be a guest of Dr. Amanda and Trampus Braaten. Attending Night for the Stars was a way for me to give back to the hospital on behalf of my family for the care they received as patients and to also support others that may need care in the future. As an employee and patient, I want to personally thank Dr. Amanda and Trampus Braaten, Starion Bank, Moritz Sport and Marine, and all the generous sponsors and volunteers for making the evening possible.”