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Honoring volunteers for National Healthcare Volunteer week

Honoring volunteers

This week is National Healthcare Volunteer Week, spotlighting those who help out in hospitals in other settings. CHI St. Alexius Health relies on volunteers to fill in for areas often overlook. Marianne Blasco has kept watch over the gift shop at CHI St. Alexius in Bismarck for 12 years. She helps herself by helping others.

"It's a way I can give back to people. I enjoy helping people, I find it very rewarding, especially to listen to their stories,” said Blasco.

She is part of a team of volunteers that do everything from the gift shop to bedside deliveries for patients. "You get instant gratification with that. You can tell that the impact that you've had with people,” said Volunteer Becky Schatz.

Blasco and Schatz say they've both got a lot left in the tank, and more people to help. "As long as I can, to infinity and beyond,” said Schatz.

"I will not let old age victimize me, so I'll just keep going until I can't,” said Blasco.

Schatz says the hospital is always looking for volunteers.

Andrew Horn Reporting