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CHI St. Alexius opens two urgent care clinics

Two New Urgent Care Facilities

CHI St Alexius is opening two urgent care clinics in Bismarck, hoping to get non-life threatening conditions handled outside the emergency room.

The two clinics, one on 43rd Avenue and the other in the Pinehurst Shopping Center- will be able to do rapid testing for strep or the flu, as well as do x-rays and stitches. The goal is to get patients in and out within 45 minutes.

“So by keeping them here at a level of care that we can treat, we can treat them efficiently and keep them out of the ER, making the ER more efficient,” said Andrea Malucky, nurse practitioner.

The clinics hours are from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and they will be open every day, including holidays.

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Reporting Andrew Horn