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Bismarck Doctor Takes Talents Abroad

Bismarck Doctor Takes Talents Abroad

We sat down with a North Dakota doctor who's making a worldwide outreach. Doctor Jon Solberg spent the month of August in Greenland. He was asked to take on the mission by the former CEO of the Utah Jazz. Solberg became one of seven people to be the first people in the history of the world to drive across the largest island in the world.

There is no medical care in Greenland, just one hospital. There are no roads or fuel either, so taking a doctor along was crucial, and being from North Dakota, Solberg was the perfect candidate.

The CHI St. Alexius ER Doctor adds, "There was a point up at the very north end, where once we crossed a certain line, there was really no hope of rescue. I mean, there are not planes or helicopters that are capable of getting there. So if someone were to slip off of a roof-rack while they're loading a bag or get appendicitis, or have a heart attack or something, there is no hope of rescue."

Solberg says he really had to think outside of the box, because the way he would normally administer medicine goes out the window when you're in the wilderness at 40 below.

Renee Cooper Reporting