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CHI St. Alexius Health Brings iSchemaView’s RAPID™ Stroke Imaging Platform to Bismarck

CHI St. Alexius Health Brings iSchemaView’s RAPID™ Stroke Imaging Platform to Bismarck

iSchemaView’s RAPID™ Stroke Imaging supports the Expanded Treatment Window Stroke Guidelines Recently Adopted by the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association

State-of-the-Art Imaging Solution Now Available to CHI St. Alexius Health Patients Provides Automated Assessment of Blood Flow in the Brain and Assesses Salvageable Tissue

CHI St. Alexius Health, today announced they are the first in North Dakota to implement the RAPID imaging platform from iSchemaView, bringing the most advanced brain imaging software platform for identifying treatment options for stroke patients to Bismarck. RAPID is a new class of automated brain imaging software that allows doctors to quickly visualize interruptions in blood flow to the brain and quantitate salvageable brain tissue.

iSchemaView’s RAPID platform was recently used to select patients for two landmark stroke trials published in The New England Journal of Medicine, DAWN and DEFUSE 3, that successfully treated patients up to twenty-four hours after onset. RAPID was the exclusive imaging tool used to aid in patient selection in both studies. On the basis of these studies, the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association approved new treatment guidelines, meaning more people who suffered an ischemic stroke are eligible for life-saving clot removal and dissolving treatments with proper pre-procedure imaging.

The prior treatment window for mechanical thrombectomy (clot removal) was six hours. However, based on this groundbreaking research select patients with salvageable brain tissue identified through advanced imaging, such as provided by the RAPID platform, are now eligible for treatment up to twenty-four hours after they were last seen well. In the past, very limited treatments options were available for patients who woke up with a stroke; many of these patients may now be eligible for endovascular treatment by our minimally invasive specialists.

“With a stroke, time lost is brain lost. We are dedicated to improving quality of stroke care and excited to be the first and only hospital in North Dakota to provide this state-of-the-art technology to stroke patients,” stated Keith Horner, CHI St. Alexius Health radiology director.

The RAPID platform enables physicians to easily communicate about the extent of a patient’s blood flow changes in the brain. The CHI St. Alexius Health system will be equipped with two different RAPID modules for use across the system, RAPID CTP and RAPID CTA. RAPID CTP automatically quantifies regions of reduced cerebral blood flow, providing color-coded perfusion maps that allow physicians to easily identify areas of the brain that are injured or at risk for a stroke. RAPID CTA automatically provides clear, easy to interpret maps, or angiograms, of the blood vessels which include a colored overlay to identify brain regions with reduced vessel density. Additionally, a 3D-reconstruction of the vasculature allows physicians to rotate the image for optimal viewing of the vessels from multiple angles. All RAPID results are immediately available to doctors via mobile devices in minutes.

“We are extremely gratified to bring RAPID to the clinicians and patients of CHI St. Alexius Health,” said Anil Singhal, MD, Senior Vice President for iSchemaView. “Our mission is to help health care professionals, who have long been held back by incomplete or slow information and imaging technology, to better facilitate quick and accurate diagnoses, care and referrals. As nearly 1000 stroke centers worldwide adopt RAPID, Bismarck area patients can be confident that CHI St. Alexius Health is putting the most innovative and accurate imaging solutions to work on their behalf.”

About iSchemaView
iSchemaView is the world-wide leader in advanced imaging for stroke. Installed in over 1000 stroke centers, iSchemaView’s RAPID (automated CTP, MR, CTA and ASPECTS), with enhanced AI framework, is the most advanced stroke imaging platform. In clinical trials, under IRB, RAPID has been shown to aid in the selection of patients in early and late-window stroke trials, including SWIFT PRIME, EXTEND IA, DAWN, DEFUSE 3 and EXTEND. In addition to achieving the best clinical outcomes and largest treatment effects ever obtained, these landmark studies led to new American Heart Association and American Stroke Association guidelines and have dramatically altered the management of acute stroke around the world. For more information, visit

CHI St. Alexius Health officially announced the formation of its regional healthcare system on April 19, 2016. The system is the largest healthcare delivery system in central and western North Dakota and is comprised of a tertiary hospital in Bismarck, and critical access hospitals (CAHs) in Carrington, Dickinson, Devils Lake, Garrison, Turtle Lake, Washburn and Williston and numerous clinics and outpatient services. CHI St. Alexius Health manages five CAHs in North Dakota - Ashley, Elgin, Linton, and Wishek, as well as Mobridge Regional Medical Center in Mobridge, S.D.