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Bismarck 5th graders learn about explorers

Bismarck 5th graders learn about explorers

Fifth graders at Liberty Elementary are learning about explorers and expeditions, and on Wednesday they got to hear from one in Bismarck.

Each student has picked an explorer to research for the project. Wednesday, Dr. Jon Solberg spoke to them about his experiences. Solberg is an emergency & trauma physician at CHI St Alexius Health, but has spent time in Iraq, and been around the world exploring places like Africa and Peru. Last year, he spent weeks with a team in Greenland driving across the glacier and becoming the first people on record to drive to the most northern point of the island.

“It's fun to learn about them and how they failed in some things but then succeeded at the end,” Alison Volk, fifth grade student.

Volk says the experience has inspired her to ski down Mt. Everest when she gets older.

Megan Hoffman Reporting