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New Urgent Care Clinic opens in downtown Bismarck

New Urgent Care Clinic opens in downtown Bismarck

If you're feeling under the weather and you live in the downtown Bismarck area, there's no need to travel far for medical attention. That's thanks to the new CHI St. Alexis Urgent Care facility open on Main Street in Bismarck. Convenience is the reason for the new CHI St. Alexis urgent care in downtown Bismarck. Brenda Nagel says that was the case for her when she decided to stop in.

"This location on main street is really convenient for me. I live in the south side of Bismarck, so it's an easy drive," Nagel says.

Rebecca Jochim, a nurse practitioner at the CHI Urgent Care Clinics, is ready to treat patients when the doors open at 8 a.m. "Our goal is to offer very fast, very convenient care. From coming into the building to being seen to even possibly getting your prescription filled here. We aim to get you in and out in 45 minutes or less," Jochim says.

Jochim says the urgent care is a good option for treating unexpected injuries because you can walk in without making an appointment beforehand. She says there are times you'd need to seek an emergency room.

"An emergency that needs to be taken care of immediately with threat to life or loss of limb," she explains. However, many other injuries and illnesses can be treated at the urgent care.

"Urgent care is more for the things you need care for right away, but it may not meet the severity of an emergency room," Jochim says.

Nagel says she's glad she turned to the new clinic for help.

Emmeline Ivy Reporting