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Back To School Means More Germs For Your Kids

Back To School Means More Germs For Your Kids

With the first day of school on the horizon, many parents are gearing up for not only the return of homework, but the return of school borne illnesses. With children, especially small children, the return to school can sometime lead to an increase in exposure to cold and flu bugs.

Younger children, like preschoolers and kindergarten kids love to put things in their mouths, further increasing the chances for coming down with an illness. Especially because the immune systems of younger children are less developed than those of an adult.

So what should parents do before their little one goes back to school, we talked with a doctor who says pack them full of hand sanitizer.

“If a kid is sitting at their desk and they’re able to have it in their classrooms and have it by their desk and put that on their hands periodically, it can help prevent the spread of infection”, said Margaret Nordstrom, a Nurse Practitioner with CHI-St. Alexis Health.

She adds make sure to tell your kids about the hazards associated with putting things in their mouth at a young age.

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Robert Suhr Reporting