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Hospitals prepared to take action

Hospitals prepared to take action

Hospital leaders say it's important to communicate with the entire community if there's an active aggressor or shooter situation. It was a drill and only a drill, but first responders took it as if it were a real life scenario.

"And as time progressed we were able to identify the individuals and move them to the proper testing procedures and track the patients," said Jeff Gustafson, director of facilities for CHI St. Alexius.

Leaders at CHI St. Alexius say even though it was fake blood, everyone was on high alert.

"Do we have enough supplies? Can we get the supplies to the proper area? Can we segregate areas in the hospital to put people?" Gustafson added.

The Sanford Health safety director says having children involved was beneficial.

"That's normally a patient population that we don't get a lot of trauma experience with," said Brad Erickson, safety director at Sanford.

And even though the drill's been planned for about a year, the safety director at Sanford says it presented a unique set of challenges with the high volume of patients.

Jordan Verdadeiro Reporting