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It’s Fall Allergy Season: Get Ready

It’s Fall Allergy Season: Get Ready

With cooler temps becoming more and more frequent as we near the first day of Fall, KX News is putting your health first with a reminder to get ready for the Fall allergy season. Allergists say warm August days and cooler nights help spread the release of Ragweed Pollen.

Because it’s lightweight and can easily be carried by the strong North Dakota winds. As we get into September and October, mold spores and fungi become the main irritants. Doctors say just like in the Spring, try your best to avoid opening the windows in your home. Although it lets in fresh air, it can also flood your home with all of the things that drive your allergies wild.

“If you’re someone who really suffers from allergies, unfortunately, you’ve got to try to keep the outside, outside. So keeping the windows closed, making sure your furnace filter has been changed regularly maybe using an air purifier, even something like changing your pillowcases a little more frequently,” said Dr. Laura Archuleta with CHI St. Alexius Health.

She adds for those with small kids; toss their stuffed animals in the dryer every so often– to remove excess allergens.

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Robert Suhr Reporting