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Hospital dedicates isolette in memory of fallen NICU nurses’ honor

Hospital dedicates isolette in memory of fallen NICU nurses’ honor

November 5, 2019

It's been nearly one year since three first responders died on an errand of mercy. The Air Medical plane crash in Morton County shocked thousands of North Dakotans. Thousands of dollars were donated in honor of NICU nurse Bonnie Cook. Cook was one of the three first responders who lost their lives during the tragic plane crash last year.

Before Cook's passing, she was helping to gather funds to buy a new isolette for transport on the Air Medical plane. The isolette lost in the crash was covered by insurance and now the hospital has dedicated it to her.

"All the dedications, all the cards, it just means so much. She's truly our guardian angel," said Pam Cook, Bonnie Cook's daughter. It's been nearly a year since we last saw Pam. Their family had asked for donations in lieu of flowers in Bonnie Cook's honor.

"We're very grateful for all of the contributions that came in, in honor of Bonnie so that we can continue her legacy." said CHI St. Alexius Health Foundation Director Kilee Harmon. The donations from the community were supposed to help purchase a new isolette but the hospital ended up getting it covered.

"Fortunately insurance did help us replace the isolette and all of those other contributions that came in honor of Bonnie we can utilize to further advance our transport services," said Harmon.

As for some of those funds donated by people, Bonnie touched across the state.

"My mom was a strong teacher. She taught a stable class so those funds will continue to grow the stable program. And it will continue to grow the NICU team," said Pam. The isolette will help many babies. Hospital staff says many communities will benefit from it but especially rural areas.

Pam said, "My mom will always fly. She will be with everyone on every trip that they go on. So just remember that. She will be looking over you." Their guardian angel and a nurse who will never be forgotten. Pam says the isolette has already been broken in. It's been on at least two missions so far. She says Bonnie's legacy will live on for decades to come.

Daniela Hurtado Reporting, KFYR TV