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CHI St. Alexius Health launches new COVID-19 Help Line

Help Line

As more and more cases of the coronavirus are confirmed in our state, CHI St. Alexius Health has created a new COVID-19 Help Line. It starts with four simple questions about your symptoms and if you’ve come into contact with anyone who has had it. They are generic questions but from your response. It will help them decide which next steps they need to take.

You will either be directed to more information, Virtual Care, or the Help Line which teams you with a doctor or nurse. This was put in place to hopefully give people a better idea of if they should be seen or just stay at home.

CHI St. Alexius Family Physician Dr. Laura Archuleta says, “We’re also cutting down on a patients need to make a call. If they answer no to all of those questions then they just get a nice little message that says you do not appear to be at risk this time so you aren’t somebody that would want to go out to an urgent care to be tested– stay home and be safe.”

Dr. Archuleta says there is not a shortage of test kits available right now in North Dakota - Testing is still done at the practitioners discretion and guidelines continue to change on who can or can’t be tested.

Learn more about Virtual Care.

Aaron Fields Reporting
KX News