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Health benefits of flowers and nature

Health benefits of flowers and nature

We didn’t have a lot of April showers so May flowers had to wait a little longer this year. But now as we get into summer more people are out and about getting some fresh air and seeing the beautiful blooms. In 2019 Bismarck Parks and Rec planted more than 4 thousand flowers and 100 trees around town. They’re a little behind this year and planting is still in progress, but summertime happiness is already blooming.

“Of course we have a pretty long winter here and summers may be short but like I said being from the south I like this summertime climate here. But yeah the flowers and seeing people get out and enjoy themselves like that, it’s nice,” said Mandan resident Jimmy Adams. The bright colors from the flowers are known to improve people’s moods. Another benefit from being outside an looking at the flowers, is getting that all important Vitamin D.

“Vitamin D Synthesis is shown, you know, people have better bone strength because of the better absorption and resorption of calcium phosphorus. There’s also some studies that show increases in Vitamin D improve mood, less depression. You know the increase in fresh air, we breathe a lot of recycled air within our homes which a lot of studies show home air is more polluted than fresh air. If you’re a gardener, doing the physical labor, helps you feel or gives you more energy, gets you some physical activity and some exercise,” said CHI St. Alexius Family Nurse Practitioner Alain Green.

So whether or not you’re outside for the health benefits, it’s still a beautiful time to be out in North Dakota.

Lane Henkins Reporting
KX News