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Bismarck staff create phone charger system

Bismarck hospital staff create phone charger system for patients to stay connected

The last thing most people probably think of when heading to the hospital is grabbing a phone charger. So two CHI St. Alexius employees in Bismarck created a way to keep patients connected to the outside world. Carolyn Carpenter and JoAnn Mahlmann saw a need as the pandemic began and visitation became restricted. So Carpenter reached out to a few phone companies and one company in California donated 100 phone chargers to help out. After several months of going through the legal hoops to implement the system today, it launched.

“We wanted to do something on our part to keep them connected with the outside world so that the families wouldn’t worry about ‘They don’t have a charger. We can’t get that to them.’ It’s here now,” said Carpenter.

There are 13 binders created to place at all the nursing stations at St. Alexius. The ladies say they’re excited to help their patients stay connected to loved ones.

Nicci Johnson Reporting