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Bismarck launches Operation White Lights

Bismarck launches Operation White Lights

In March, it was hearts on windows. Then, it was sidewalk chalk. Now, communities are encouraged to show support to frontline workers in a new way. CHI St. Alexius began Operation White Lights on Monday. The project encourages communities to display white Christmas lights or ribbons outside their homes and businesses.

Both the president of CHI and the president of the board of directors say they want to show gratitude to all of those playing a part in battling COVID-19.

“Their commitment, their compassion, their professionalism, you know, to our loved ones during this very trying time is just outstanding — and we really want this project be simply put a way to say thank you,” CHI Board of Directors Board President John Giese said.

Participating homes and businesses are encouraged to keep the decorations up until 2021.

Taylor Rizzari reporting
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