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National Hero Day: Meet some everyday heroes who make all the difference during the pandemic

National Hero Day

Healthcare workers and first responders put others before themselves each day in an effort to save lives. On National Hero Day, we met some everyday heroes who make all the difference. The definition of a hero is different to everyone; it doesn’t always mean you wear a cape or can fly. ICU nurse Margo Maxon knows sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference.

“When we had no visitors allowed for a little bit, we were the only ones that were there. We were there holding their hands. If it was you know time in need for support when nobody else could be there for them and their family,” said Maxon, who works at CHI St Alexius.

During COVID-19, we’ve needed to lean on our first responders even more for their superhuman strength.

“We were seeing a lot more critical patients. A lot more people were concerned about going to the hospital. So they were procrastinating with calling 911 or going in,” said Kate Pazanin, a paramedic for Metro-Area Ambulance Service.

On average, the Metro-Area Ambulance Service was seeing six to 12 COVID-related calls on a daily basis. “Gowning up, gearing up. Calls would be a little bit longer,” said Pazanin. With each patient through the pandemic, the deeper they dive into work — leading them to lean on one another to make it through the journey.

“We’re on 24 hours, if not 36 hours, and sometimes working overtime. So just a lot of exhaustion. Tired. But you just kind of keep going,” said Pazanin.

“Us as nurses are like a family within ourselves. We love each other and hang out with each other a lot,” explained Maxon. While they don’t do it for the praise, the community’s support goes a long way.

“We got some nice little cards that we taped up all over in the unit. Thankful little cards from the little children. That say how much they appreciate and love us and they’re so happy to have us working and taking care of people,” shared Maxon.

“Every single person that does this job doesn’t, obviously, doesn’t do it for the money. And we don’t do it for the thank you for the service. We do it because we love what we do and we want to provide services to the community,” said Pazanin.

National Hero Day was established this year as a way to celebrate the contributions and deeds of all the real-life heroes in our world.

Nikiya Carrero Reporting, KX News
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