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Bismarck Offers COVID Care Packs

Bismarck Offers COVID Care Packs

CHI St. Alexius Health in Bismarck is offering care packages to help COVID-19 patients who leave the hospital to recover in the comfort of their own home with support of someone from their health care team. The care packs include a thermometer, an oxygen saturation monitor, which measure the patient’s heart rate and oxygen saturation and educational handouts. RaeAnn Wiest found out she had COVID-19 back in December and she says the experience was no laughing matter. “St. Alexius Saved my life. I’ve never ever been this sick in my life,” said CHI St. Alexius Health COVID-19 patient RaeAnn Wiest.

Patients receive a daily check-in by their nurse navigator, who assists them with their COVID recovery and oxygen weaning.

“It was fantastic having someone check on me. I used the chart that was giving. so I would fill my stuff out in the morning and it just really seem to really excite my nurse,” said Wiest.

Patients get this package free of charge prior to leaving hospital or when they pick up their oxygen supplies.

“Allowing them to go home sooner from the hospital, we want to make that they’re having appropriate monitoring equipment and taking that financial burden away as gift to the patient so that they can focus on their recovery from COVID,” said CHI St. Alexius Health nurse navigator Sadie Storhaug. More than 30 COVID care packs have been given out and CHI staff will continue to make them as the need arises.

Patients also have the ability to call a 24/7 nurse hot line if any questions or concerns arise.

Hallie Brown Reporting
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