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Bismarck allocated more COVID-19 vaccines

Bismarck allocated more COVID-19 vaccines

CHI St. Alexius says vaccine deliveries are ramping up and the more vaccines they receive, the more they can administer. When COVID-19 vaccines first began being distributed, the healthcare provider received a shipment every three weeks. Now, a new shipment arrives once a week. The Pharmacy Quality and Research Manager says at one point, St. Alexius had about a thousand people on its waitlist.

But with more doses come more opportunities to put shots into people’s arms.

“Those vaccines are definitely not going to go to waste. First of all, we don’t draw them up out of the vial until we have an arm ready to go and get that vaccine. For sure they’re not going to go to waste. They may just be given tomorrow or the next day instead, as soon as we have the right person in the chair,” Joan Galbraith.

Galbraith says they are vaccinating people almost every day at both of their local pharmacies in Bismarck.

Nikiya Carrero Reporting, KX News
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