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Vaccine Hesitancy: No Need to Wait

Vaccine Hesitancy: No Need to Wait

Maybe you haven’t gotten the COVID-19 vaccine yet because it’s new. “The fact that it’s a new MRNA vaccine has caused some concern, which is understandable,” said Stephen Coulson, MD, CHI St. Alexius Health Emergency and Trauma Physician.

“It’s actually not that new.”

MRNA vaccine technology has been studied for 20 years. We understand how this vaccine works and we know it is extremely safe. Study after study has shown that to be the case. Millions of people have received this vaccine. We know from the data that it's not impossible to have an adverse reaction, but it’s extremely rare. “COVID-19 can be an awful disease to have,” said Dr. Coulson. “You can be short of breath and feel like you’re drowning. The vaccine has minimal side effects, and it can save you from a world of hurt - or death.” Stephen Coulson, MD

Vaccine immunity: Evidence adds up

The world has been through two surges of COVID-19, first Delta and then Omicron. We now know more about how well COVID-19 vaccines and boosters work versus natural immunity.

  • Vaccinated - 14 times less likely to die than unvaccinated
  • Vaccinated + booster - 97 times less likely to die than unvaccinated 

- Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

“Countless studies have shown that the available vaccines provide tremendous protection against hospitalization and death,” said Stephen Coulson, MD, CHI St. Alexius Health Emergency and Trauma Physician. Learning to live with COVID-19 means doing our best to protect ourselves. Take advantage of lifesaving vaccines by keeping up with current recommendations. If you have any concerns, talk to your provider.

CDC recommendations:
  • COVID-19 vaccine
    5+ years
  • COVID-19 vaccine + booster
    12+ years 
  • COVID-19 vaccine + booster
    + 4th shot 
    Immunocompromised persons

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