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Patient + Provider = Perfect Number for Heart Health

Patient + Provider = Perfect Number for Heart Health

Age may be just a number, but unlike age, when it comes to your ticker, numbers count.

“Knowing your four key numbers can, to a certain extent, help monitor your risk for cardiovascular disease like angina, heart attack, stroke and peripheral artery disease,” said Peerawut Deeprasertkul, MD, CHI St. Alexius Health Cardiologist.

But numbers aren’t everything. “In the past, doctors relied on specific cholesterol ranges. Today, we take a more personalized, integrated approach. I look at my patients’ cholesterol in relation to other risk factors like age, gender, family history,” said Dr. Deeprasertkul. “What’s right for one of my patients isn’t necessarily right for another.”

A proponent of a team approach, Dr. Deeprasertkul said, “Just knowing your numbers isn’t enough. Providers and patients working together is proven more effective. We strive to find that ideal balance between major risk factors, the numbers and modifiable elements like exercise, alcohol, smoking, and stress.”

Peerawut Deeprasertkul MD


Peerawut Deeprasertkul, MD



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