Meadows Memorial Fund

Meadows Memorial Fund


The Meadows Memorial Fund was established in 2000 to honor the memories of and contributions made by Wilbur, Sarah, and Mayo Meadows. The fund’s intent is to provide financial assistance that will directly enhance both the long term health of and health care available to the citizens of Carrington and area serviced by CHI St. Alexius Health, Carrington. Through a process of application and merit selection, approximately fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000) is distributed each year for various causes. Past funding has gone towards educational scholarships, training, public health education programs, and equipment. Preference is given to those intending to return to the CHI St. Alexius Health, Carrington service area.


Applications are available at:

CHI St. Alexius Health, Carrington

Administration Offices

800 North Fourth Street

Carrington, ND 58421

Phone 701-652-7166




On this webpage when the current funding round is opened for application. Funding rounds are typically opened up in November of each year.

Click here: 2021 Application Form


Meadows Application Deadline:

The application deadline will be posted once the current funding round is opened for application.

The 2021 application deadline, Monday, January 11, 2021, is now open.


Applications must be postmarked to:

CHI St. Alexius Health, Carrington

Attn: Becky Pretzer

PO Box 461

Carrington, ND 58421