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Carrington Lifts Visitor Restrictions

Carrington, ND - Effective immediately: CHI St. Alexius Health, Carrington has lifted visitor restrictions previously in effect due to an increase in influenza like illnesses. Precautions will still remain in place. Those entering the facility who are displaying signs and symptoms of illness may be asked to wear protective masks. Protective masks are available at all facility entrances and registration desks.

To further minimize the spread of illness to others, those who need to come to the clinic either as a patient or the patient’s ride please use protective masks and use alcohol hand wash for either your protection or the protection of others should you have concerns about respiratory issues.

Thank you for your consideration as we lift visitor restrictions. We always strive to keep our patients and staff safe in order to keep the community healthy.

The general public is reminded it is not too late to vaccinate against influenza. In addition, it is important to always cover your cough and practice good hand hygiene. For questions, please call 701-652-3141.