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Hearts for Heroes

Hearts for Heroes Employee Recognition Program

What is Hearts for Heroes?

Hearts for Heroes is a program that has evolved out of CHI St. Alexius Health Dickinson's desire to create a superior focus on the relationship between patients and providers.  It allows patients, families, and friends to recognize and honor a special CHI St. Alexius Dickinson employee who has provided them with outstanding service.

Hearts for Heroes incorporates CHI St. Alexius Health ideals of quality, service, people, growth, and community in its quest to build an outstanding organization that better serves the needs of our patients.

What are the Benefits?

There are numerous benefits to both patients and staff through the Hearts for Heroes program. First, it honors excellence in service provided at CHI St. Alexius Health. Further, donations from Hearts for Heroes directly benefit patients through better programs, services, and technology. Finally, the program helps build healthier communities.

How Does it Work?

Donors can make a contribution to CHI St. Alexius Health in the name of a special caregiver by filling out the Hearts for Heroes Brochure given to them or by calling 701.456.4746.  The foundation will, on receipt of the donation, notify the Hero of the recognition. Your "hero" will receive a special Hearts for Heroes pin.

Our Thanks and Appreciation

No words can truly express our appreciation for the donations you make to our hospital. There are many ways that your contributions make a difference. We hope you feel that the special provider you recognize is truly someone who will continue to provide excellent service and improve the lives of others.

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