Employee Assistance Program

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Employees Taking Positive Action 

CHI St. Alexius Health Employee Assistance Program (EAP) was established in 1982 and is designed to benefit both public and private sector organizations and their employees. EAP has established a reputation for providing quality services in a multi-state area for more than twenty-five years.

The Employee Assistance Program is a free confidential assessment/counseling/referral service staffed by trained professionals who help individuals and families evaluate their problems and take positive action to resolve them. Services offered are either face-to-face, web-based, or phone consultation by the EAP clinical staff.

Quality Clinical Services

The Mission is to provide quality clinical services, professional consultation and training opportunities in a manner that presents solutions for employees, enhances workplace productivity, and promotes teamwork.

Clinical Staff consist of skilled counselors experienced in providing quality counseling services for employees and their families. EAP staff also have extensive expertise in providing management training and consultation for administrative officials, supervisors, and managers.

Below is an overview of the services provided by CHI St. Alexius Health Employee Assistance Program. Our program meets the highest possible standards in the field. We are pleased to offer your choice of three (3) or eight (8) session models to meet your organizational needs. Services are available to eligible employees, their spouses and dependents. Sessions are available per person, per assessed problem area.

- Over 30 years of experience providing EAP services
- Master’s level licensed counselors including licensed addiction counselors
- Highest Confidentiality
- Services provided Face-to-Face, web-based and over the phone
- Clinical Services include but are not limited to:

  • Marital and Family Concerns
  • Work-Related Problems
  • Emotional and Behavioral Concerns
  • Assistance with Financial Concerns
  • Alcohol and Drug Dependence

- 24/7 Crisis Line - Locally staffed
- Substance Use Assessments and Education (Substance Abuse Training / Reasonable Suspicion)
- Education and Training Presentations

  • Personal & Professional Development
  • Management & Supervisory Processes
  • Substance Abuse Patterns
  • Crisis Intervention including Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

- Unlimited website access
- Access to Employer Resources via website
- Professional and Supervisory Updates delivered bimonthly
- Promotional material for advertisement of EAP (hard copy or electronic)
- Employee orientation & supervisory training – Given live by an EAP Counselor
- Free management and supervisory consultations with EAP Counselor via phone or personal session
- Referrals for job performance
- Provide Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) services meeting DOT requirements (not covered under 3 session model)
- Free professional employee and supervisor presentations through the Enhancing Excellence Program
- Quarterly Utilizations Reports


What Would You Do If...

... your supervisor expressed concern about poor job performance?
... you were having problems in your marriage?
... your budget was out of control?
... a family member was drinking too much?

Everyone has problems. Sometimes they get too heavy to carry alone. Talking with someone who understands can be a major step toward resolution. Organizations are concerned about their employees and recognize that work performance is affected by personal concerns. The Employee Assistance Program is designed to help employees resolve personal and workplace problems to get their lives back in order.

What Is the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?
CHI St. Alexius Health Employee Assistance Program is a free, confidential assessment/counseling/referral service staffed by trained professionals who help individuals and families evaluate their problems and take positive action to resolve them.

How Does It Work?
Your organization provides employee assistance services to all employees and their immediate family members. Immediate family includes spouses and/or dependent children. When you or your family members contact the EAP, a professional counselor will assess your situation and provide the assistance needed to resolve it. This may include confidential contacts with the counselor or referral to a specialist who is trained in your specific area of difficulty.

All clinical services are provided in a professional and confidential manner with emphasis on improving relationships, finding solutions and developing personal effectiveness and self-esteem. We believe those who have used the program have come to trust its confidentiality and the quality of its services. Services are provided either face-to-face, over the phone or web-based.

Scheduling Appointments
Appointments are made at times convenient for employees and their families. Any eligible employee, their spouse and dependents may contact EAP at 701.530.7195 or 800.327.7195 to schedule an appointment at either our Bismarck location, one of our satellite clinics or with affiliate providers in your local area. (Click here for service locations). Phone consultations are available by calling an EAP counselor.

Crisis Line
Calls to address any emergency or crisis situation are taken 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When calling after working hours, please ask for the EAP counselor on call by calling 701.530.7195 or 800.327.7195 . If you are experiencing an emergency dial 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

What kind of help is available?

  • Marital or Family Concerns
    Marital and family problems can be upsetting for everyone. Discussing these concerns with a professional counselor will help couples and families to understand and deal with difficult situations.
  • Work-Related Problems
    Stress. Burnout. Personal problems that affect performance on the job. These difficulties can be found in both large and small organizations. Consultation with a skilled professional can help to sort out problems and find solutions.
  • Emotional or Behavioral Concerns
    Depression. Anxiety. Anger. Loneliness. When difficult experiences affect relationships and job performance, the Employee Assistance Program offers qualified clinicians who will help to address these concerns.
  • Financial Problems
    Credit cards charged to the limit. Spending over budget. Finding it impossible to save. The Employee Assistance Program will provide a counselor who can discuss your financial situation with you and assist in finding solutions. We do not provide debt consolidation or financial assistance.
  • Substance Abuse Services
    CHI St. Alexius Health Employee Assistance Program has licensed and nationally certified addiction counselors available to provide substance abuse assessments, referral networking, and alcohol and other drug test coordination as required under the Federal Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991. A feature unique to CHI St. Alexius Health Employee Assistance Program is provision of Certified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) services for all organizations that are subject to compliance with federal regulations for alcohol and other drug testing protocol. The services are provided at no charge to organizations with the 8 session model under contract with EAP and to covered employees who are subject to the regulations. Currently there are 2 fulltime Licensed Addiction Counselors and Substance Abuse Professionals at the Bismarck office. Call EAP for more information about Licensed Addiction Counselors and Substance Abuse Professionals outside of the Bismarck area.

Thank you for assisting CHI St. Alexius Health Employee Assistance Program with the care of our clients. Please bookmark this site for access to the various forms you will need for documentation and reimbursement. Each session requires the submission of an Affiliate Reimbursement Form (ARF). In order to simplify the process we would encourage you to fill in the “Payable To & Referral Information” at the top of the ARF and save it so that you can reuse the form when you update the session information.

Once the session information is complete scan the form to [email protected] or fax the form to 701.530.7193.

With the submission of your first Affiliate Reimbursement Form please attach:

  • The Assessment/Client Information Form
  • The completed and signed Statement of Understanding

Please provide the following web address to the client so that they may review the Notice of Privacy Practices

It is important to note that Affiliate Reimbursement Form must be submitted to CHI St. Alexius Health EAP within 45 days of each date of service to be approved for payment. The client should not be billed for EAP services included in the authorization.

You are no longer be required to provide your documentation. However maintain appropriate documentation so that it can be accessed for legal or audit reasons. If there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Linked Forms:

ZOOMWhat is ZOOM? A HIPPA compliant meeting and video conferencing solution that provides you the opportunity to remain in your office or home and participate in a secure counseling session with your CHI St. Alexius Health EAP counselor.

How does ZOOM work?

  1. When you call to set up your EAP appointment you ask for a ZOOM meeting.
  2. CHI St. Alexius Health EAP will send you an email with the ZOOM meeting number.
  3. At the time of the meeting, click the link provided within the email.
  4. When you join the meeting, wait for your counselor to join the meeting.

What do I need to access my ZOOM meeting? All you need is a smart phone, tablet, or computer. If you are using your computer it will need to be equipped with a camera and microphone. Make sure your phone or tablet camera is not being used by another app.

Do I need to download a ZOOM app? No, when you click the link for the ZOOM meeting, ZOOM automatically downloads the app for your use. It only takes a few seconds for this download to occur.

CHI St. Alexius Health Employee Assistance Program provides access to a broad array of education and training presentations. EAP staff is skilled and experienced in introducing innovative and informative training for all administrators, managers and supervisors who deal with challenging work site problems. EAP staff also offer educational presentations on a broad range of topics for employees and their families. The presentations are designed to enhance patterns of positive assertiveness and self-esteem in the home, community, school, and work environments.

General Topics of Presentations available are:  

(click here for a current list)

  • Personal / Professional Development
  • Substance Abuse
  • Management / Supervisory Processes
  • Family Dynamics
  • Crisis Intervention

For information or to arrange a presentation for your organization call EAP at 701.530.7195 or 800.327.7195.

Cost - On Site

  • $125 per hour presentation time
  • $62.50 per hour down time between presentations
  • $62.50 per hour for travel time

Cost - Zoom Internet Presentations

  • $125 per hour presentation time

Cost – Recorded

  • $0 if topic is available and technology matches
  • $125 per hour if developed specifically for this purpose
Enhancing Excellence in the Workplace Presentations

This is an ongoing series of educational presentations provided by CHI St. Alexius Health Employee Assistance Program. The series is designed to strengthen leadership skills and to enhance motivation and productivity among all staff levels through the creation of a more positive work environment. The series happens 3 times per year in January, May and September.

These sessions are FREE  for all employees and delivered through webinars and our Telecare network. The series has one presentation specifically geared towards Leadership and the other presentation is applicable for all employees. Registration is required. For questions or comments please contact the EAP office at 701.530.7195 or 800.327.7195.

Workplace Resources for Managers and Supervisors

These resources were developed to help assist administrators, managers and supervisors in their duties. Feel free to browse through the resources and print them at your leisure. Hard copies are available by contacting the EAP office. Live presentations are offered for the Supervisory Training Booklet, Substance Abuse in the Workplace and Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD). Please call the EAP office at 701.530.7195 or 800.327.7195 with any questions or concerns.

EAP Posters:

Management Consultation and Job Performance Referrals

CHI St. Alexius Health Employee Assistance Program provides extensive management consultation to all employer groups covered by the program. EAP staff is experienced in dealing with challenging work site problems and includes these services as an integrated component available to all administrators, managers and supervisors. Workplace officials are provided access to trained and experienced professionals who provide training and guidance designed to enhance management excellence.

There are times when an employee’s job performance reaches unacceptable levels and it doesn’t seem like anything can be done, EAP provides supervisors and managers the opportunity to refer employees for job performance related problems. There are times when employers need outside assistance to help them correct an employee’s unacceptable job performance. Informal and formal supervisory referrals can be made to EAP for further assistance.

To utilize management consultation services please call the office (701.530.7195 or 800.327.7195) and ask to speak with an EAP counselor.

Workplace Links & Resources
These resources were developed to assist you in your daily life. Feel free to browse through the resources and print them at your leisure.


Child Abuse, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault


Health and Wellness

Mental Health and Wellness

North Dakota Community Resources

Online Screenings

Parenting Resources

Suicide Prevention

Veterans and Active Duty


Workplace Mental Health

Workplace Violence and Crisis Intervention

Youth Mental Health


NEWSLETTERS and INFORMATION BROCHURES have been constructed to be in an article format for easy printing and distribution. Brochures are available in pdf form or hard copy. To receive hard copies of the brochure for your business contact our office.

To conveniently print the newsletters or brochures there is a printer icon at the bottom of each page. Click the printer icon and a printer friendly format will pop up. There is also a “send by email” icon to easily email the article to anyone you chose. The article will show up in the body of the email.

CHI St. Alexius Health Employee Assistance Program Bismarck (local) Office
1310 E. Main Ave, Bismarck, ND 58506

Satellite Clinics

Satellite clinics are staffed by a local EAP counselor who travels to that location. The locations are staffed on certain days by certain counselors, call EAP to determine which counselor is scheduled at the below satellite clinic. (Hettinger, Harvey, Rolla, Fort Yates, Minot, Dickinson, Prairie Knights Casino, Hazen)

North Dakota Affiliate Providers

Beulah, Devils Lake, Fargo/Moorhead, Grand Forks, Harvey, Hettinger, Jamestown, Lisbon, Oakes, Valley City, Wahpeton, Williston

Out of State



Please contact EAP for your local provider. The EAP must establish a referral before an appointment is made. To access a counselor outside of the Bismarck office or satellite clinics please contact EAP to request services in your city and an EAP counselor will arrange a counselor in your local area. In most cases, an established relationship exists with a local provider.

Please call 701.530.7195 or 800.327.7195 for more information.

Crisis Line

Calls to address any emergency or crisis situation are taken 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When calling after working hours, please ask for the EAP counselor on call by calling 701.530.7195 or 800.327.7195. If you are experiencing an emergency dial 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

Whether you are a new patient or you need to see your regular provider for a non-urgent, medical issue, you can do so from the comfort of your home, via the Zoom app, on your phone or computer. Call your clinic to schedule. CLICK HERE to learn more.