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Food Borne Illness

Food borne illnesses increase in occurrence during the summer months for a couple reasons. First, we naturally increase our activities, like weddings, picnics, graduations, cookouts and camping. These activities involve cooking outside the kitchen and in larger quantities, which in turn makes it more difficult to enforce quality control and reduce cross contamination. Secondly, nature has its own ways of increasing the likelihood of food poisoning.

Stroke: Time is brain

Starting with some definitions, a stroke is an injury to the brain resulting from lack of oxygen to part of the brain or an injury from bleeding in the brain (hemorrhage). Ischemia occurs when oxygen supply / blood supply are cut off to an area of tissue, which can occur in essentially any organ in the body. When it happens in the heart, we call it a myocardial infarction or heart attack. When it happens in the brain, we call it a cerebral infarction or ischemic stroke, often shortened to just stroke.

Common Pediatric Skin Conditions

Skin conditions such as dryness, rashes, warts, and acne commonly affect the pediatric population. At times, skin conditions can be multifactorial and don’t always respond to the same treatment for everyone. Below, I will highlight some of the most common skin disorders in babies, young children, and teens.

Nutrition in Pregnancy

What do you think of when asked about food and nutrition? For some, they may think of the fact that it is necessary to survive on a day to day basis. Others may think about their favorite meal. And for others yet, they may think about how difficult it is to manage some of their cravings and how it relates to having a healthy diet. Whatever your thoughts may be, these thoughts are still there in pregnancy and may even become another thing to worry about as one goes through the pregnancy.

Concussions and Youth Sports

With the start of summer comes many youth sports programs and activities. While there are numerous benefits to a child athlete participating in sports - such as physical conditioning, goal orientation and learning to work as a team player - team sports are not without risk. In the United States, an estimated 300,000 concussions are thought to occur in sports each year, second only to motor vehicle accidents in cause of brain injury in people 15-24 (Source: Journal of Athletic Training).

Psychological Effects of Stroke

Nearly 800,000 people in the United States suffer from a stroke each year. Approximately 34 percent of individuals hospitalized for a stroke are under the age of 65. Although the cause may differ, there are some common psychological and emotional changes that can happen after experiencing a stroke. Some of the most common psychological difficulties include a feeling of apathy, depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress, and irritability.

It’s Time to Move

Congratulations you have survived another winter in North Dakota! If you are like most you have experienced a significant decline in your physical activity over the past five to six months. The side effects of this reduced activity include mild to moderate weight gain, decreased flexibility, decreased muscle strength, higher fat diets, and a decrease in the quality of your sleep. Well enough of that. It is time to move! And it is so simple.

Spring Allergies

Spring Allergies

When will symptoms of spring allergies begin?
Spring seems ready to burst forth in the very near future. Individuals with seasonal allergies will start to notice symptoms soon. Symptoms from seasonal allergies can vary dependent on which season you are more sensitive too. In certain areas Spring allergies can start as early as February.