Acceleration - Sports Training

Acceleration - Sports Training

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Speed Training And Athletic Performance

If you are an athlete wanting to train for your sport, Athletic Republic Performance Sports Training is your answer. Athletic Republic is not a place to simply work out; it’s where you become a better athlete. We create the ultimate environment with our trainers, our acceleration training program, and our equipment. Our programs push the athletes hard and make them faster, stronger and more agile than they ever thought possible. The programs that are under the direction of our Athletic Republic trainers translate to victory on the field, on the court, and on the ice.

Each athlete will be assessed on strengths and weaknesses in the following areas:

  • Movement Skills (speed, agility, stability, symmetry)
  • Power and Strength
  • Conditioning Efficiency (how well you recover)
  • Sport-Specific Skills

From this assessment, the trainer creates an individualized training program. Every athlete’s program is based on more than 25 years of research and testing. Athletic Republic creates an optimal training environment in which you hear, see, and feel your improvements progress.

Programs Offered
  • Acceleration Training:
    With 20-26 training sessions spread out over six to eight weeks, athletes improve linear or sprinting speed, explosive power for a quicker first step or vertical elevation, and active recovery to sustain performance at game speed.
  • Hockey Acceleration:
    The patented hockey treadmill allows players to lace up their skates in a controlled coaching/conditioning environment proven to increase stride frequency, stride length, stride power, and balance.
  • Cord Conditioning:
    Strategically-applied resistance cords improve velocity and power for running, throwing, kicking, shooting, hitting, spiking, swinging, and serving.
  • Athletic Republic Off-Site:
    Early-season team conditioning that matches proprietary plyometric and dynamic stability drills, speed work and cord conditioning with the demands of a specific sport. Program incorporates performance improvement measures through pre- and post-conditioning evaluations, recorded in “My Republic.”

Athletic Republic will take an athlete just beyond what they can normally do safely, using patented and proprietary equipment. We hold six patents and have developed over 2,000 proprietary training protocols that cater specifically to each sport and every athlete.

  • Conditioning Cords
  • Pro Multi Hip
  • Pro Implosion
  • Plyo Press
  • 3PQ Force Plate
  • AccuPower Force Plate


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