Williston Specialty Clinic

20/20 Professional Center 1500 14th St. West, Suite 300, Williston, ND 58801

A Local Specialty Clinic

CHI St. Alexius Health Williston Specialty Clinic offers several specialty services under one roof. Our providers consists of doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners. They work closely with nurses, support staff, and one another to offer you the best care, in the most seamless way possible.

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No matter what kind of pain you’re living with, our team of orthopedic specialists can help you get back to the things you enjoy.

Shoulder Pain 
As the third leading cause of orthopedic disability, shoulder pain can be debilitating. It doesn’t have to be. We provide excellent physical therapy in conjunction with medications to alleviate pain

Knee & Hip Pain 
Through a highly personalized program of pre- and post-operative education, specialized treatment, and active therapy, we’re getting knee and hip patients back to enjoying their normal lifestyles.

Joint Pain
Whether it’s chronic arthritis or the aggravation of tendonitis, no one should have to live with joint pain. Our specialists can show you a variety of options that can relieve or end your everyday pain

Orthopedic services include:
  • Partial and total joint replacement surgery
  • Arthroscopic surgery
  • Fracture care
  • Orthopedic trauma
  • Hand and wrist conditions including carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Sports injuries
  • Work injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Occupational therapy and physical therapy
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Dr. Tessa Marburger is a Williston native who is Board Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and the American Board of Neuromuscular Medicine. Dr. Marburger attended medical school at the University Of Michigan Medical School and completed her residency at Duke University Hospital.

Neurology diagnoses and manages neurological disorders using the latest in neurologic care with compassion and kindness.

Neurological disorders are diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system- in other words, the brain, spinal cord, cranial nerves, peripheral nerves, nerve roots, automatic nervous system, neuromuscular junction, and muscles. These disorders include epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, cerebrovascular diseases including stroke, migraine and other headache disorders, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, neuro infections, brain tumors, traumatic disorders of the nervous system such as brain trauma, and neurological disorders as a result of malnutrition.

Services Provided:

  • Headaches
  • Strokes
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Movement Disorders/ Parkinson's Disease
  • Seizures
  • Neuropathy
  • Muscle Disease
  • Motor Neuron Disease / ALS
  • Neurodegenerative Disorders
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Dr. Ashley Lemere is certified by the American Board of Surgery. Dr. Lemere attended medical school at the University Of North Dakota School Of Medicine and completed her residency at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis Minnesota.

Dr. Wane Anderson is certified by the American Board of Surgery. Dr. Anderson attended medical school at The University of North Dakota School Of Medicine and completed his residency at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Science.

The General Surgery team at CHI St. Alexius Health Williston is here to provide optimum care to severely injured or sick surgical patients. The doctors here are trained to diagnose and treat a range of surgical conditions including but not limited to: Traumatic injury, Breast Disease, Gallbladder Disease, Upper Gastrointestinal Issues, Small and Large Bowel Disease including screening Colonoscopies, Abdominal Wall Hernias and Cancer Care. We offer Laparoscopic and open surgical procedures. The surgical provider's goal is to help patients understand their illness to assist them in making educated treatment decisions. At CHI St. Alexius Health Williston, we strive to provide cutting edge care in a supportive environment close to home.

As part of the Level IV Trauma team, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for surgical procedures.

Services Provided:

  • General Surgery
  • Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Endoscopic, Upper and Lower
  • Hernia Repair
  • Breast Surgery
  • Port Placements
  • Feeding Tube Placement
  • Cancer Surgery


Whether you are a new patient or you need to see your regular provider for a non-urgent, medical issue, you can do so from the comfort of your home, via the Zoom app, on your phone or computer. Call your clinic to schedule. CLICK HERE to learn more.