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CHI Gift Shop Donates Towards Medical Surgery Room Renovation project

CHI Gift Shop Donates Towards Medical Surgery Room Renovation project

The CHI St. Alexius Health Williston Foundation is happy to announce a $10,000 donation from the Mercy Medical Gift Shop which will be used in the renovation of our Medical Surgery and ICU wings. "I am grateful to the many patrons of the gift shop (many of them employees) and the volunteers who help keep this open, says Marilyn McGinley, Gift Shop Coordinator. “Their support enables us to help the hospital in much needed projects.”

The plan to renovate this part of the hospital was put on hold this past year due to COVID-19, but this project will be moving forward in 2021 thanks in part to this donation and other generous donors to the Williston Foundation. COVID-19 has affected all aspects of our daily life yet we are still in need of an updated Med/surge and ICU unit and committed to seeing this project through to completion.

“We are thankful that even with a disruption like this current pandemic, the gift shop is still able to donate to this important project, said Janna Lutz, Foundation Director at CHI St. Alexius Health. "It is important that we move forward with this much needed renovation while we continue to combat coronavirus in this community. This project will help serve those affected now as well as future generations of Williston.”

To find out more about the CHI Foundation or to donate, CHI St. Alexius Health Williston Foundation or call 701-774-7466.