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Trailer Donation Warms Hearts at CHI St. Alexius Health Williston

Trailer Donation Warms Hearts at CHI St. Alexius Health Williston

A new trailer graciously donated by Nova Energy will make COVID-19 testing more comfortable this winter season for CHI St. Alexius Health employees and patients. “We are so thankful for this generous donation. Nova Energy is truly a good corporate neighbor for stepping forward in a very real way,” said Dan Bjerknes, CHI St. Alexius Health Williston president.

“As we continue to navigate the challenges presented by COVID-19, this kind of donation gives our entire staff and the community a boost because it shows that the business community cares and is willing to help.” CHI St. Alexius Health has already begun to use the trailer as the cold weather has arrived in our region. The trailer will be used throughout the winter months so staff do not have to stand outside in the cold and snow for car-side swabs.

“It seemed like a fantastic opportunity to help CHI, and to honor the safety commitment we strive for here at Nova. Said Damien Allen, Business Development Manager at NOVA Energy.

Those needing testing will still drive up to the parking spots designated for drive-up swabbing. They should then call the phone number on the sign. Our staff will give them instructions on entering the trailer. They can also call the main number for CHI St. Alexius Health, 701.572.7651, and they will be connected to staff in the trailer.

Inside the trailer, CHI St. Alexius Health has full computer and printer access to the AEHR electronic health record system and PPMS so everything can be done seamlessly, quickly and warmly. Prompt testing is still a key tool in the COVID-19 fight, especially for those with underlying conditions. Those who have cold symptoms, which are common in the winter, shouldn’t hesitate to come in for testing. They should be sure to mention any underlying conditions such as diabetes or heart disease. That ensures a rapid test is used and the appropriate treatment, such as monoclonal antibodies, can be started more quickly. That’s essential because monoclonal antibodies need to be given early in the disease process to be effective.

“We are still very much in this fight here in Williams County,” said Shelli Hayes, Craven Hagen Clinic Manager at CHI St. Alexius Health Williston. “Prompt COVID-19 testing can help us treat people with COVID-19 more quickly and hopefully keep more people out of the hospital. It is essential that we do everything possible, so we maintain hospital  capacity not only for people with COVID-19, but also for those with other health conditions such as heart attacks and injuries from car accidents.”

The same tactics used to fight COVID-19, including social distancing, masking in public places and getting vaccinated, should also continue. “Testing will continue to be needed throughout the coming months, so it’s a relief for our staff working long hours to have a warm trailer instead of spending hours fighting the elements,” said Bjerknes. “It also helps remove one more barrier to care for our patients.”