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New PET/CT Scanner Enhances Care at CHI St. Alexius Health

Digital PET/CT Scanning

A crystal clear and precisely detailed picture can make all the difference when you’re fighting a disease like cancer. 


Advanced Technology

Now, CHI St. Alexius Health physicians in Bismarck and Williston – and their patients – will have the benefit of the most advanced imaging technology with the recent addition of digital PET/CT imaging. “We are thrilled to bring this technology to our communities. Before, our patients had to travel to Fargo for digital PET/CT scans, and now they can receive the same quality of care close to home.” said Marti Volz, CHI St. Alexius Health Williston Director of Ancillary Services.


The digital PET/CT scans work together to advance imaging in two ways. The PET images reveal metabolic activity but lack the detail to identify the exact location. The CT scan provides that anatomical reference. “Used together, you can see the metabolic changes in the exact anatomical location,” said Laura D. Trimnal, CHI St. Alexius Health Williston Radiology Manager and Nuclear Medicine Technologist.  “It sounds technical but what it means is we can detect disease in its earliest stages, and that will help with the development of precise and effective treatment plans.”


Reduced Treatment Times

The digital PET/CT technology can detect lesions as small as 4 mm with improved image quality. It also adjusts for image distortion from a patient’s breathing and reduces the artifacts in joint replacements and dental/metal implants. 


Patients will appreciate that it requires shorter scan times and smaller injections of radioactive material, reducing the amount of radiation exposure. It can also accommodate patients up to 550 pounds. 


“This is truly state-of-the-art technology, we are excited to offer the best for the communities we serve.” said Volz.