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Woman and tech during mammogram


Early and Accurate Breast Cancer Diagnosis

3D Mammography and Digital mammography at CHI St. Alexius Health can help detect breast cancer earlier using low dose x-rays to produce diagnostic images of breast tissue. With one in eight women being diagnosed with breast cancer sometime in her life, mammograms give every woman her best chance for an early and accurate diagnosis.

CHI St. Alexius is dedicated to bringing 3D mammography* to more communities than ever before. We offer a new standard of detecting breast cancer for women in Bismarck, Mandan, Minot, and Williston. 3D breast tomosynthesis - known as 3D mammography - is leading the way in the earliest detection of breast cancer. It helps doctors see breast tissue in greater depth and clarity.

We are proud to offer you the latest in breast imaging technology: wide-angle breast tomosynthesis. A wide-angle 3D mammogram offers a better view of breast tissue than a standard 3D mammogram. Our 50-degree angle, the industry’s highest depth resolution, captures more detail for the highest quality 3D images. This increases diagnostic confidence enabling earlier detection.

Early Detection is Key

  1. Schedule a screening mammogram every year. The American Cancer Society recommends women age 40 and older have an annual screening mammogram.
  2. Schedule an annual clinical breast examination. The best way to detect breast cancer early is to combine annual mammograms with a yearly clinical breast examination by an experienced healthcare provider.
  3. Perform breast self-examinations on a monthly basis. Regular self-exams permit women to detect early changes and small lumps in the breast. If you discover any of these changes, notify your healthcare provider immediately.

Schedule Your Mammogram

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