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Women's Health

Health Care Created Uniquely For You

At CHI St. Alexius Health, we understand the unique healthcare needs of women at every stage of her life. That is why we provide a wide variety of services to a woman of all ages. Finding a provider that looks at your health holistically throughout life is the key to quality care. This ranges from adolescence to childbearing years through the challenges of menopause.

Your Well-Woman Exam

At a well-woman exam, physicians screen for conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and diabetes, and perform a clinical breast exam, pelvic exam and Pap smear. It is also a time when lifestyle habits are discussed and immunizations are administered.

At age-appropriate levels, screening tests like colonoscopies, DEXA scan and mammograms may be ordered.

The Right Procedure For Your Needs

Interventional radiologists provide significant benefit to the management of certain obstetrical and gynecologic patients. CHI St. Alexius Health’s Interventional Radiology team offers minimally-invasive procedures to help reduce a woman’s discomfort.

Maternity Care

At CHI St. Alexius Health we have expert care for pregnant women and quality options for mothers looking for the right place to birth their babies.  Prenatal care is important for expecting mothers, and it is one of the best things you can do for your baby during your pregnancy.

Getting early and regular prenatal care can help prevent complications and inform women about important steps they can take to protect their infant and ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Prenatal care is available from a number of our women’s health and family practice physicians, physician assistants, and family nurse practitioners.

Education is available to expecting mothers in the months and weeks before a baby arrives including breastfeeding classes, childbirth/Lamaze classes, car seat checks, and tours of the obstetrics department. Register for childbirth educations on our events site.