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  • We are CHI St. Alexius Health … the largest health delivery system in the region
  • United by a single mission and vision
  • Connecting you with greater resources and quality healthcare
  • A team you can trust … 3,460 + employees and growing
  • Dedicated to a quality patient experience … together we are CHI St. Alexius Health

Choose the Best

Weighing your healthcare options is one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

Don’t take chances on your health.

Others may say they are the best; CHI St. Alexius Health’s awards prove we are the best.

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At CHI St. Alexius Health, we believe that being happy and healthy is a group effort. After all, the way we feel, the way we act and the way we live our lives has a daily impact on the people and community around us.

If we all made a genuine effort to make healthier choices, if we all encouraged and inspired the people around us to do the same, the results would be amazing.

So let’s be more vigilant about our well-being.
Let’s make feeling good contagious.
Imagine the change we could make if we were all in this together.
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Better Health

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Women's Health Prenatal Care

Prenatal care is important for expecting mothers, and it is one of the best things you can do for your baby. Getting early and regular prenatal care can help prevent complications and inform women about important steps they can take to protect their infant and ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Care is available from a number of our women’s health and family medicine physicians, physician assistants, and family nurse practitioners. Our staff is experienced and committed to the health and comfort of both mothers and babies.

To schedule an appointment, please call any of the above locations.