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  • We are CHI St. Alexius Health … the largest health delivery system in the region
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One Name. One Mission.

On April 19, 2016, CHI Mercy Medical Center in Williston, CHI St. Joseph’s Health in Dickinson, CHI Mercy Hospital in Devils Lake, CHI Carrington Health, and CHI St. Alexius Health in Bismarck, Garrison and Turtle Lake, united under one name to create a unified regional healthcare system.

Quality care has always been the hallmark of our organizations.  Now when you think of the very best in health care across the region, you will find it under one name – CHI St. Alexius Health.

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Better Health

Breast Heath
Breast cancer is the most common cause of cancer in women and the second most common cause of cancer death in women in the U.S. While the majority of new breast cancers are diagnosed as a result of an abnormality seen on a mammogram, a lump or change in consistency of the breast tissue can also be a warning sign of the disease.

Prevention and Detection
Every woman should know about prevention and early detection of breast cancer. Here are some of the basic guidelines.

  • Yearly mammograms starting at age 40 and continuing for as long as a woman is in good health.
  • Clinical breast exams (CBE) every three years for women in their 20s and 30s and every year for women 40 and over.
  • Women should report any breast change promptly to their health care provider.
  • Breast self-exam is an option for women starting in their 20s.
  • Women at increased risk such as family history, genetic tendency or past breast cancer should talk with their doctor about the benefits and limitations of starting mammography screening earlier, having additional tests (breast ultrasound or MRI), or having more frequent exams.

Schedule your annual mammogram today!

  • Bismarck - 701.530.5300
  • Carrington - 701.652.7151
  • Dickinson - 701.456.4509
  • Garrison - 701.463.6524
  • Mandan - 701.667.4600
  • Minot - 701.858.1800
  • Williston - 701.572.7651