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  • We are CHI St. Alexius Health … the largest health delivery system in the region
  • United by a single mission and vision
  • Connecting you with greater resources and quality healthcare
  • A team you can trust … 3,460 + employees and growing
  • Dedicated to a quality patient experience … together we are CHI St. Alexius Health

One Name. One Mission.

On April 19, 2016, CHI Mercy Medical Center in Williston, CHI St. Joseph’s Health in Dickinson, CHI Mercy Hospital in Devils Lake, CHI Carrington Health, and CHI St. Alexius Health in Bismarck, Garrison and Turtle Lake, united under one name to create a unified regional healthcare system.

Quality care has always been the hallmark of our organizations.  Now when you think of the very best in health care across the region, you will find it under one name – CHI St. Alexius Health.


Why Should I have a primary care doctor?


Your health needs a point person.

You may be in the best of health now, but it’s inevitable that things will change over time. Having a primary care physician will keep you healthier as you age. Studies have confrmed this.

At CHI St. Alexius Heatlh, our doctors are committed to your all-around health – body, mind and spirit. Their priority is to provide you with compassionate and personalized care. And treat you with respect and dignity. Working together, you and your doctor can chart the best course to your long-term wellness.

Can we help you?
Contact one of our CHI St. Alexius Health locations above and we’ll help you set up an appointment to see a doctor.

How do I choose a primary care doctor?

First, decide which type of primary care doctor is best for you:

  • Family Medicine - Comprehensive health care for individual family members of both genders and all ages.
  • Internal Medicine (Internists) - Internal Medicine physicians provide treatment for patients ranging in age from adolescent through senior years. Internists focus on the entire body of a patient and can manage complex and chronic illnesses, but also encourage wellness.
  • Pediatrics - Pediatricians specialize in treating children from newborn through adolescent years. They provide routine preventive care, and also pay close attention to a child's progress to detect and manage diseases and conditions that affect their development.
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology (OB/GYN) - An Obstetrician/Gynecologist, commonly abbreviated as OB/GYN, is a physician who specializes in the health of pregnant and non-pregnant women.

Once you decide which type of doctor you wish to see, most people look for one who practices close to their home or work. Choose one of our locations and  you can learn about doctors practicing in your area and refne your search to meet your specifc needs.

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